Wine and Hot Dog pairing for your next BBQ

Check out these wine and hot dog pairings for the long weekend, this is a summertime mashup you won’t want to miss!

Any good Labor Day BBQ has hot dogs, but a GREAT BBQ has unlimited toppings and wine to match! Whether you’re a simple ketchup fan or someone who like “the works” we’ve got all your bases covered. Match your favorite Campo Viejo varietal with the classic summertime flavors below for a Labor Day food and wine mashup to remember.

Tempranillo: Cheese lovers step right up. Whether you do shredded, melted or a cheesy sauce to go with your dog you won't be disappointed when its paired with our Tempranillo. The smooth finish of the wine complements the creaminess of cheese for a flavor explosion.

Reserva: Chili dogs are the perfect match for our bold reserva. The hearty meat texture and savory spice of the chili complements the subtle smoke of Reserva.

Red Blend: Ever tried BBQ sauce on your hot dog? Now is the time. The tangy sweet of the barbeque sauce mixed with our bold, red fruit forward red blend is the perfect combination of sweet and savory. Add some crispy onions on top for a nice crunch.

Rose: Keep it simple with this one! If you are a ketchup or mustard lover you can't go wrong. The light finish of our crisp rose goes perfectly with a simple dog. Limiting the toppings helps to highlight the buttery bun which goes perfect with our citrus forward rose.

Cava brut: Mango or pineapple salsa will not only light up your taste buds it will light up that fruity and bright brut. The apple and pear notes from cava blend with the sweet and spicy salsa to give a whole new level of taste to your BBQ.



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