Chill Out In Style with This Floral Ice Bucket

Chill out in style with this floral ice bucket

Colourful, festive and fruity – keeping your Campo Viejo wine chilled has never looked better. This vibrant floral and fruit ice bucket looks beautiful on a table – a standout statement piece for a spring or summer garden party. The best part is they're super easy to make.

Tip: Preparing your bucket 2-3 days in advance will ensure your bucket will be 100% frozen in time for your guests to arrive.

Floral Ice Bucket

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 x bucket, large enough to fit your bottle of Campo Viejo wine, but small enough to fit in your freezer
  • 1 x two litre soda bottle, empty
  • Handful of small rocks or pie weights
  • Water
  • A colourful array of fruit and flowers
  • A bottle of Campo Viejo Rosé, Cava Brut, or Cava Brut Rosé


1. Choose your ingredients. Because it’s summer, a colourful mix of seasonal blooms are a great choice. For complementary green accents, choose some flowers with leafy stems. As for fruit, keep it vibrant and fresh with ingredients like strawberries, lemons, apples and blueberries

2. Freeze the base. Pour 5-7cm (2-3inches) of water to the bottom of your bucket and freeze. Overnight is ideal

Tip: Distilled or boiled tap water freezes clearer than plain tap water

3. Once your base is frozen, it’s time to add the soda bottle. Cut the top off and feed the rocks through the neck of the bottle. This will create a sturdy centre that won’t float. Place the bottle in the centre of the bucket. If it starts to float, tape to keep it in place

4. Add water into your bucket until it’s half filled. Depending on what fruits and flowers you choose, some will float and some will sink. Creating this first layer will help even out the overall look of the ice bucket. Place back in the freezer for a few hours until slightly frozen

5. Finish filling your bucket with water and place as many flowers and fruits as you can into the bucket. Evenly spread your ingredients around the sides. Place back in the freezer to solidify overnight

6. At least 15 minutes before your guests arrive, prepare a pitcher of hot water. Remove your rocks and pour the hot water into the centre of the soda bottle. Once the bottle is free, bring your bucket to the sink and run the sides and bottom under hot water. This should unstick your ice bucket from your real bucket. Slide it out carefully and let it rest on a large platter

7. It’s wine time! Place your beautiful wine bucket on your table or bar cart, add your bottle of Campo Viejo, gather your friends and enjoy! The thicker your bucket, the longer it will take to melt (and the longer your friends have to admire your colourful creation).



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