Campo Viejo Valentine’s Date Adventure Map!

Tired of scrambling last minute to come up with new, fun or romantic ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry, Campo Viejo has it all mapped out for you!

While grabbing a bottle of your favorite Campo Viejo wine and making a delicious meal sounds great, this year we are challenging couples to embark on a different sort of celebration - via our Valentine’s Date Adventure Map! Campo Viejo has teamed up with Steffi Lynn to create customizable adventure maps, encouraging couples to rebuild first dates, favorite dates, or any colorful moments in between. 

Whether it is building your own picnic and heading over to your local park (don’t forget your Cava Brut Reserva for those day picnics!) or enjoying a night in with take out (or homemade Steak & Polenta recipe) and our Red Blend, Campo wants to see how you personalize these maps to make it yours! Tag @campoviejousa with a screenshot of your map or partaking in your favorite activity so we can follow along your Valentine’s night worth toasting too.


For all those “parties of one's” - don’t think we forgot about you! Take a scroll over to  @campoviejousa  to learn how you could meet someone who “riojas” your world this year - courtesy of Campo Viejo!


download your adventure map here!



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